Lighting control and Dali lighting

Lighting Control & DALI Lighting

Commercial & Residential lighting control solutions – brighten up your energy bills!

Constant light control – Light ! only when required. Combination light sensors use natural light levels & movement detection to coordinate dimming control to provide appropriate levels of light at all times, thus dramatically reducing energy bills and increasing lamp life.

DALI lighting – Digital Addressable Lighting Interface.  Fully reprogrammable lighting, dimming control over each fitting, ability to monitor and control individual fittings. DALI light ballasts can give status feedback to keep maintenance teams or contractors informed on the health of the lighting systems, real time lamp failure and or battery status for emergency lights. Programmable scenes for cleaning mode or escape route lighting.

Simple lux switching – Though not as flexible as DALI, huge energy savings can be  made by retrofitting internal or external lux sensors in combination with a light controller to perform staged switching at different lux levels. The lux sensors use light frequencies to monitor the amount of natural light entering a building. An appropriate controller can also be used to schedule lights to further increase energy savings.

Security lighting  – External motion events detected during hours of closure normally result in a large flood light firing straight at the subject. With a distributed lighting system external motion sensors can bring on internal lights in sequence as well as external lighting in order to help deter potential criminals

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